A 4-week group program that will help you create the healthy, nourishing relationship you long for by setting boundaries with confidence and clarity. It's time to start treating yourself with love and respect, and teaching others how to do so as well!



Get clear on what boundaries are & why you need them to be able to love yourself and create a thriving relationship.


Develop confidence in setting boundaries and say goodbye to people pleasing, always putting others first, and feeling disappointed in relationships.


Learn how to recognize when someone isn't respecting your boundaries and how to handle it in a way that preserves your self-worth and feels right.


The Better Boundaries Bootcamp is a 4-week group program designed to help you elevate your sense of self-love, and create the loving, deeply connected relationship you long for!


If you're tired of:


  • feeling taken for granted

  • feeling used

  • putting everyone ahead of yourself---people pleasers, I see you! 😉

  • getting ghosted

  • letting yourself down

  • feeling dissatisfied in your romantic relationship or dating experience

  • being frequently disappointed by others

  • feeling tired from trying to please others all the time

  • trying not to have many needs so you don't have to ask anything of others

  • feeling unseen, under valued, or unimportant in relationships

  • feeling resentful

Then this course is for you!


Here's what you get:

  • Four weekly 60-minute group coaching calls

  • Live Q & A during each call

  • Supportive Facebook community exclusively for Caitlin's Couch students and alumni (because it takes a village)

  • Replays of the group coaching calls for those who can't make it or who want to review

  • $150.00 discount when you sign up for the waitlist if you choose to join us when we launch!

Meet Caitlin

Hi! I'm Caitlin Cantor. I'm a Relationship Therapist & Certified Sex Therapist. I've been in private practice for over a decade. In that time, I saw similar patterns among most of my clients who didn't believe they were worthy of the relationship they wanted and weren't satisfied in the relationships they'd been in or were currently in. One of the most common relational patterns that emerged consistently was the difficulty with setting healthy boundaries. Being able to set boundaries is the key ingredient in developing a healthy relationship with yourself and with others. Yet most people were not taught how to set boundaries or that it's ok to set boundaries. As a result, relationships often feel painful and they shouldn't.


That's why I created the Better Boundaries Bootcamp. This program is the perfect way for you to get the relational education you need in order to heal and start creating the loving, nourishing relationship you want.


If you're tired of being tired, join me in the Better Boundaries Bootcamp and let's do this!

Frequently Asked Questions

Take ownership of your life and relationships today with the Better Boundaries Bootcamp! Join the waitlist & get $150.00 off if you choose to join when we launch!