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12 Ways to Say NO Without the Guilt

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Hi! I'm Caitlin Cantor, Relationship Therapist, Certified Sex Therapist, Coach, and boundaries expert. I'm so excited that you're learning to set healthy boundaries and to say, "No," when you need to.

These skills will elevate your sense of self-love and help you create the healthy relationships you wish for.

I've been a therapist in private practice for over a decade. In that time it became clear to me that most people were not taught how to set healthy boundaries--the number one skill needed to create healthy relationships! 

Their primary caregivers didn't have healthy boundaries, so the skill wasn't modeled for them. And, because their parents didn't have healthy boundaries for themselves, they didn't help their children develop the skill either. We can only pass down what we know ourselves, and many people come from a long line of boundary-less-ness in their family histories. 

If you're tired of exhausting, painful relationships and ready to break the family cycle of unhealthy relationship patterns, grab your free copy of 12 Ways to Say No Without The Guilt today!

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